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The pictures on this page were taken
in and around Englewood Florida

Gator Gator Gator Gator
Gator Gator Gator Gator
Gator Gator Gator Gator

The gator above lives behind my moms house. Truth be known the only reason she
bought the house was the lake, she loves (and that's an understatement) to fish.
Well to make a long story short, she is from Tn. and never thought about a gator in the lake.
Everytime she would go out the first fish to start splashing after being caught would get devoured.
No one beleived her till these pictures, you know how those fish stories go.
In the first pics the gator won. Mom and the fish won the second go around.
She beleives in catch and release unless she's ready for a mess to eat.
So to wind up this story, Mom dosen't fish the lake much anymore.
She say's it's no fun when you don't get to see what you caught. Time for a new fishing hole(-;

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